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100 Policies

Policy Title
112General Nondiscrimination
112(E)Nondiscrimination Exhibit
112(R)Nondiscrimination Rule
120School District Legal Status
120.1School Board Legal Status
131School Board Elections
131.1School Board Member Qualifications
131.2School Board Member Oath of Office
132Member Resignations/Removal from Office
133Filling Board Vacancies
141Board Officers
142Legal Counsel
143Consultants to the Board
150School Board Governance
151Board Policy Development
151(R)Board Policy Development Rule
151.2Administration in Policy Absence
151.3Board Review of Administrative Rules
151.4Suspension of Policies
152Goal Setting
152(R)Planning Process
153Evaluation of Board Operations
153(E1)Board Personal Self-evaluation
153(E2)Board Evaluation Questionaire
154Board Legislative Program
161Board Member Authority
162New Board Member Orientation
162(R)New Board Member Orientation Rule
163Board Member Development Opportunities
163.1Membership in School Board Associations
164Board Member Compensation and Expenses
165Board Ethics
166Board Member E-mail Communications
171Regular Board Meetings
171.1Public Notification of Board Meetings
171.2Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
172Special Board Meetings
173Closed Session
174Board Organizational Meeting
175Annual District Meeting
176Public Hearings
181Rules of Order
183Voting Methods
185.1Standing Committees
186Advisory Committees to the Board
187Public Participation at Board Meetings
189Virtual Board Meetings In Emergency Situations
190Recognitions for Accomplishment