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1st Grade Math


Parent Overview Letter


Websites and Games

Unit 2:  Using Data to Add and Subtract Within 20

Unit 3:  Ordering and Comparing Lengths

Unit 4:  Exploring Quantities to 99

Unit 5:  Finding Equal Shares of Shapes


Unit 6:  Telling and Writing Time to the Hour

Unit 7:  Developing Addition and Subtraction Strategies 

Part-Part-Whole Relationship

Addition:  Counting On

Addition:  Make a Ten

Addition:  Using Doubles 

Subtraction:  Counting Up

Unit 8:  Distinguishing Attributes of Shapes

Unit 9:  Using Place Value to Read, Write, Represent, and Compare Numbers

Comparing Numbers 

Unit 10:  Extending Strategies for Solving Addition and Subtraction Problems

Unit 11:  Telling and Writing Time to the Half Hour

Unit 13: Composing and Drawing Shapes

Unit 14:  Interpreting and Using Symbols in Numeric Expressions and Comparisons

Unit 15:  Using Understanding of Place Value to Add and Subtract

Unit 16:  Applying Properties of Operations to Solve Problems

Adding 3 Numbers 

Unit 17:  Measuring Lengths with Non-standard Units

Unit 18:  Demonstrating Proficiency in Addition and Subtraction Situations