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400 Policies

411Equal Educational Opportunities
411.1Student Harassment/Bullying
411.1(R)Student Harassment and/or Bullying Rule
411.3Children in Out-of-Home Care (Foster Care)
411.3(E)Children in Out-of-Home Care (Foster Care) Exhibit
411.3(R)Children in Out-of-Home Care (Foster Care) Rule
420School Admissions
421Entrance Age
421.1Admission to First Grade
422.2Enrollment of Homeless Students
422.2(R)Enrollment of Homeless Students Rule
423Public School Open Enrollment
423(R)Public School Open Enrollment Rule
426Home-based Education Assistance and Transfers
431Compulsory Student Attendance
431(R)Compulsory Student Attendance Rule
431(F)Truancy Referral Form
431(L1)Early Non-Habitual Truant
431(L2)Beginning a Truancy Pattern
431(L3)Notification of Habitual Truancy
436Student Dismissal Precautions
436(R)Student Dismissal Precautions Rule
443Code of Student Conduct
443(R)Code of Student Conduct Rule
443.1Student Dress
443.1(R)Student Dress Rule
443.2Student Conduct on School Buses
443.3Tobacco Use
443.3(R)Tobacco Use Rule
443.4Alcohol and Other Drugs
443.4(R)Alcohol and Other Drugs Rule
443.5Student Use of Electronic Devices
443.5(R)Student Use of Electronic Devices Rule
443.5(F)Student Use of Electronic Devices Form
443.6Student Use of Weapons
443.7Threats To or By Students
443.7(R)Threats To or By Students Rule
443.8Gang and Gang-Related Activity
443.8(R)Gang and Gang-Related Activity Rule
443.9Care of School Property by Students
443.9(R)Care of School Property by Students Rule
445Student Questioning by Outside Agency Personnel
445(R)Student Questioning by Outside Agency Personnel Rule
446.1Locker Searches
447Student Discipline
447.1Corporal Punishment/Use of Physical Force by Staff
447.11Use of Seclusion and Physical Restraint
447.11(F)Use of Seclusion and Physical Restraint Form
447.2Student Detentions
447.3Student Suspensions/Expulsions
453Student Health Services
453.1Emergency Nursing Service
453.11Use of Defibrillators
453.2Student Immunizations
453.3Communicable Disease Control
453.3(R)Communicable Disease Control Rule
453.31Lice Control
453.31(R)Lice Control Rule
453.31(L)Lice Control Letter
453.4School Medication Policy
453.4(R)School Medication Policy Rule
453.4(F)Administering Medication to a Student Form
453.5Student Physical Examinations
453.6Cold/Inclement Weather
454Reporting Child Abuse-Neglect
454.1Child Enticement
454.1(R)Child Enticement Rule
455Student Safety
455.1Supervision of Students
455.3Student Bicycle Use
456Student Assistance Program
458School Wellness
471Student Fees, Fines and Charges
491Children of Divorced/Separated Parents
492Student Photographs/Videos
492(F)Student Photographs/Videos Form