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COVID-19 Update

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Returning to School After COVID-19

Administrative Message 7-29-2020

Dear Parents,

Please view the brief video below along with the two links.

Return to School Admin Message

In the document below you will get an explanation of the current options outlined by the Erin Board of Education. These were developed from the wide range of survey results.  Some questions are also answered based on our best thinking at this time.

Return to School Options and Q&A memo  

The following link is another quick survey.  We are asking that you answer this based on what you would do if you had to send your child back to school tomorrow. Please complete this survey by August 2, 2020.  By answering this survey you are not committing to any option, but your responses will help us form a more detailed plan.  We anticipate registration will open by August 14th at which time we will ask you to confirm your option.

Start of School Survey

We are planning to host a LIVE ZOOM Q/A session for our parents on Thursday, August 13, 2020. Stay tuned for further information!  In the meantime, if you have a burning question, please feel free to email us directly.

Thank you for your continued partnership!

Dr. Kriewaldt and Mrs. Kalina

Administrative Message 7-15-2020

Dear Erin Parents and Guardians, In our last administrative video memo, we told you we would be reaching out to you to collect your thoughts about starting school in September.  Below is a survey link we would like you to complete by noon on Tuesday, July 21st at which time the survey will be closed.  The information we collect will be used at our Health and Safety Team meeting on July 22rd and shared at the School Board meeting. After reviewing the recommendations from various resources, Erin School is getting ready to put in place our School Learning Landscape Plan for the 2020-2021 school year.  To do this we would really like to know what you are thinking about parts of our plan.  The information you provide in the survey will help us tweak the plan to meet the needs of most of our parents and students.  It will also give us an idea who we still need to talk with about the transition back to school. We know we will not be able to please all of our parents and guardians or do what you specifically want, but we can try to make sure you are aware of what we are doing to keep the children as safe as possible when they are with us and at the same time let them be children. SURVEY LINK So, below is a list of safety and general procedures we have or will be putting in place.  This is not inclusive and we are doing more and will be updating once we get more input.

  • Increased staff for cleaning, food service, and instruction (additional 8 hours of cleaning per day, 4 hours of food service per day, hired two supersubs daily)
  • Purchase of various health items to monitor health and respond to health (thermometers, health room supplies, PPE, sanitizer, UV sanitizer)
  • Revised routines to reduce overcrowding form the start to the end of day (Busing, drop off and pick up, hall movements, recess/lunch, before and after school)
  • Putting in place Standard Operating Procedure for response to situations as they come up for both student and staff (symptoms, testing, contact tracing, communication plans, alternate education plans, resources and supplies)
  • Erin School will be moving to a 1:1 platform in 5-K through 8th grade.  These devices will be issued to students on the first day of school.  Each device will only be used by the student assigned to it.  Devices in grades 6-8 will be allowed to go home with the student.

We know this is an uncertain time and the best way to get through this type of uncertainty is building trust, listening, being open to suggestions, and being transparent, but in the end, the school administration and school board will need to act and move forward.  We are aware we will not make everyone happy or do what each of you feel is the right move but we are trying and will adjust when it is in the best interest of the school.  We appreciate your understanding during this unprecedented time. Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success – Henry Ford We will be looking to release more transition plans in early August to include open house, registration, and other requested information.