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Boys Volleyball

2018 – 2019 Important Dates

  • September 14, 2018 = All eligibility cards must be turned in for all athletes for ALL sports by this date!
  • Week of January 14, 2019 = Boys Volleyball signup with Mr. Andress. No signups will be allowed after January 18th!
  • March 4, 2019 = Volleyball practice and game schedules will be distributed to the players as soon as these are available.
  • March 12, 2019 = First potential day of Volleyball practice
  • May 3 & 4, 2019 = Boys Conference Volleyball tournament
  • May 10, 2019 = All boys uniforms must be washed and returned by this date!

6th grade VB team information & schedule will be posted here in March 2019

7th grade VB team information & schedule will be posted here in March 2019

8th grade VB team information & schedule will be posted here in March 2019

2018 Boys Coaches

8th grade Boys Coach (7th & 8th grade boys) = Terry Wick terry.wick@huhs.org

6th grade Boys Coach = Pam May may@erinschool.org


When does Volleyball start? Students need to signup with Mr. Andress in mid January. Students will be asked in class multiple times. Volleyball practice typically starts the 2nd full week of March.

What do players need to be eligible for Volleyball? All players must have a current Erin School District Athletic Eligibility Form, which includes a current physical and a concussion form, on the backside! Finally, players need to pay the $50 volleyball fee payable to Erin School.

How often and what times are practices? Typically a team will practice 3 nights per week.

How many games/matches do they play? Each team will play a total of 10 matches (5 separate nights x 2 matches each of those nights).

What’s a match? A match consists of 3 games – each player usually gets to play in at least 1 game per match.

When are the matches? Matches may start at 4:30, 5:20, 6:10 or 7:00 – often the road team will play back to back times.

When will we know our schedule for practices and games? Your coach will contact you with a practice and match schedule in early March. Due to several different teams, gym space, coaches schedules and match scheduling conflicts it is impossible to predict what nights or times either matches or practices will be. Your understanding and patience with this is much appreciated.

When does the season end? There is a conference tournament held at Arrowhead High School the first Friday and Saturday in May for Boys and the next week in May for the girls.

Is there an end of the season Recognition Night or “banquet”? No, each coach is responsible for doing their own end of season wrap up.  This is due to several factors such as coach’s other endeavors, the seasons ending at different times, possibly not having boys teams, and several other conflicts such as Talent Show, Fine Arts Night, and several different sports practices or games.

Does the player need special “equipment”? Generally, the coach will handle this in a preseason letter or at the first practice. Players are issued a game jersey which they MUST wear for all matches. Shorts are also issued if the player desires them.Tennis shoes, athletic shorts and a t-shirt are appropriate for practice.