Want to Learn More about Common Core Standards?

There has been an increase amount of talk about Common Core Standards.  Check out the attached link to learn more.



New Student Assessment Samples

Starting 2014-15, our 3rd-8th grade students will be asked to take a new type of assessment.  The Erin Staff is adjusting their teaching and assessment practices to make sure our students are ready to take this type of test.

Click below to see samples of this type of assesment.  Click on the tab “About this Item” to see what grade level the question is.  Click the arrow on top right to move to next question.



For more information about the Smarter Balanced Assessment, please see the following link:



School District Report Card

I just received word that public versions of the School Report Cards will be available on the DPI website on October 22nd.

Goodbye Mr. Platais

September 27, 2012 was Mr. Platais’ last day with the Erin School District.  Mr. Platais will be missed by the administrative team, teachers, parents, and the students.  We wish him great learning at his new school district.


On behalf of the Erin School student body, we would like to thank you for everything you have done for us.

Transition in Leadership

With the departure of Mr. Platais, Mrs. Kalina will be taking on additional responsibility as middle school principal along with carrying out the duties of curriculum and instruction.  Virginia Wolters will assist Mrs. Kalina and Dr. Kriewaldt in the areas of student assessment at both a local and state level while continuing over seeing the area of special education.  Mrs. Runte will move her attention to state reporting and local technology issues.  Mrs. Deutschendorf will be joining Mrs. Bergin in the front office.  Mr. Bennin will be the new technology coordinator and work with Mrs. Baggio who will oversee the technology implementation for both staff and students.

Measuring Student Learning

Many of us remember taking the Iowa Basic bubble test.  This gave students a check to see if we were learning what needed to be learned.  These types of tests are being replaced with a new type of assessments called, “Smart Balanced” assessments.  These types of assessment are new for you and for us.  Over the next few years, our staff will prepare our students to take these types of assessments.

Measuring Student Learning 9-21

Innovative Learning

We all have heard the saying, “This is not your fathers Oldsmobile”.

With all the expectation and changes in the education arena, I think I can safely say, “This is not the education my parents had”.  While there are many new innovations, the key is to focus on the learners and find out what works for them.


Innovative Learning 9-21

Higher Expectations

This year, Erin School has been attempting to raise the expectations in what our students are learning.

The attached article give you some ideas why it is we are moving towards Higher Expectation.

Higher Expectations 9-14

Educator Effectiveness

Over the last few years, we have moved our students to a new type of report card to show parents where they are in need of help or are performing strong.

Starting in 2013-14 school year, so will our teachers and principals.

Check out more information about this by click the attached link – Educator Effectiveness 9-14

Accountability for Schools

All public schools will be using a new accountability measure to see if our students are making the growth needed to be competitive with students in other states and nations.

Click here to read more – Accoutability for School 9-14