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Mrs. Scott


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Mrs. Scott

“You can find magic wherever you look.  Sit back and relax–all you need is a book.”
– Dr. Seuss

Mrs. Scott has been sharing her love of reading and writing with students for over 30 years. This is her seventh year at Erin School.

The foundation for reading and writing workshop lies in the understanding that writing is a lifelong process during which we continually lift the level of our writing skills and outgrow ourselves as writers.  We teach writers to learn various ways to find topics they wish to write about. They learn to make purposeful decisions about the structure and organization of a piece.

In middle school reading instruction, students read increasingly complex texts with power and independence, learning skills and strategies that make reading a lifelong practice. There is real sophistication to this work. Students learn to read for more than just the plot—to look for themes, for complex characterizations, for arguments and compelling evidence—and to think through these ideas in talk and in writing.

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