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Mr. Meisel

You will see….Aftrican Drums, Clarinets, Trumpets and Classical flutes (recorders), Tubas, Tambourines, Triangles and Tom Toms, horns and bells, pianos and guitars, bones, tones and saxophones.

You will feel….The rhythm of the Beat and the rhythm of the Melody.

You will know….Music.

Students who attend Erin school receive a very well-rounded, exciting music education.  In general music (5k-4th grade) students explore music and learn the fundamentals through class-room singing dancing, concerts and classroom activities.  Beginning in 2nd grade students learn to play the recorders used the Recorder Karate Method where students are rewarded belts for songs learned and tasks met.  Along with the recorders students in all grade levels learn to play the xylophone, drums, and other percussion instruments.  We study and perform music from the world and other cultures, and explore the wide range of songs spanning the last 100 years of American music.

Students also study how to review artists and songs, read musical notation and elements in history and world culture that effect styles of music.  The year is highlighted by the Holiday Concert, Jazz Cabaret Night, and the famous Grandparents Day.

Starting in 5th grade students are introduced to playing instruments in Band.  Erin is also proud to present an all inclusive middle school (6th-8th grade) band.  A wide range of musical instruments are available for students to play in middle school.  Guitar, piano, and vocal elements along with traditional band instruments are expectable in class.  Students study the basic fundamentals of instrumental music in a hands-on, creative environment with many different opportunities for self-expression.  We learn a diverse repertoire of music spanning the many genres of American and world music, from classical to jazz and rock.  The bands can be heard throughout the year performing at the Schauer Center’s Middle School Holiday Concert, and Fine Arts Night.

Outside of school students have other opportunities to display their musical talents and gifts.  We have a Rock Band Club where students in 5th-8th grade play together to learn how to play and sing popular Rock and Roll music.  We perform regularly at different venues in the community like Coffee Shops and the Schauer Center.  Students who are interested in performing solos have an opportunity to study independently and perform at a solo/ensemble festival.  We also put together pep-bands for a Basketball games and rallies through-out the year.

Students will leave Erin School with a higher appreciation for the music around them, added confidence in themselves because they were given opportunities to create, and new friendships that were cultivated through the goals met in class.  Music truly is a gift to the soul regardless of ability or background and no student should be denied a chance to express, harness, or share that.


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