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Erin Rocket Club visits Gilroy Astrobotony Lab, UW Madison

On Wednesday, Nov. 14, the Erin School Rocket Club met with Dr. Richard Barker, of the Gilroy Astrobotony Lab, for guidance on the experiments they are preparing for the 2019 Rockets for Schools rocket launch.  Dr. Barker also discussed the Gilroy Astrobotony’s work with NASA in figuring out how plants can be grown on future… Continue Reading Erin Rocket Club visits Gilroy Astrobotony Lab, UW Madison

Free Desks

We have middle school desks available for free! (or a small donation to the school)  If interested, please contact Debra Fenney at 262-673-3720 ext. 4110

Wisconsin Student Ambassadors Summit

On May 2, 2018  five of our Fuel Up To Play 60 members got the opportunity to go to Green Bay for the Wisconsin Student Ambassadors Summit.  The students participated in various stations which included leadership training, cheese tasting, and Pound (a workout using drumsticks). After these stations, the students had an amazing healthy lunch… Continue Reading Wisconsin Student Ambassadors Summit