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Administration Overview

Dr. Kieth A. Kriewaldt

District Administrator

As District Administrator of a small district, many hats are worn, such as:

Superintendent – A superintendent is basically the company manager. Under this hat the superintendent makes sure the district stays running. It is my job to make sure the lunch program has the food it needs, the building has enough paper (paper towels to copy paper) and the busses run on time. I also cover all the financial responsibilities from overseeing the checkbook and confirming all the bills are paid to the collection of any money due to the district from state and federal agencies.

Principal for 4-K to 5th grade – A principal oversees any issues relating to curriculum, friendships, or attendance. The principal makes sure the teachers get the supplies they need to educate the students. I create schedules to maximize the use of the building and staff. Finally, the principal handles and discipline issues that might come up during the day.

Human Resource Officer – The HR officer makes sure all the laws are followed in overseeing the new hires to current employees. I conduct all the posting of jobs, collection of applications, overseeing the interview process and hiring of the final candidate. It is also my responsibility to follow through on the hiring by conducting evaluations, putting in plans of improvement, and if needed – letting employees go.

Public Relations – In this PR role, it is important to make sure the School Board has the information they need to make decision along with keeping parents, students and staff informed. The PR role is also responsible for communicate any changes happening at the building, district, or state level.

All Other Duties As Assigned – There are more things a District Administrator does that does not fall under the above hats, such as: driving students home, shoveling sidewalks, jump starting parent’s vehicles, attending to sick children, and digging through the lunch trash can to locate missing retainers.

As the District Administrator, these and most other tasks would not be done without the support and the help of the Curriculum Director, Principal, Director of Special Education, Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeper, Director of Building & Grounds, or IT Support along with various support staff, teachers, and the splendid students and parents.

Mrs. Joannie Kalina

Curriculum Director/Principal

The role of Curriculum Director and Principal has changed over the last few years. The areas which fall under my responsibility are:

Supervision – There are many middle school staff and students who need to be overseen to insure competence in academics, discipline, and differentiation.

Vision and Goals – To keep the District moving in a forward direction, my role requires to lead by facilitating the development, articulation, implementation and stewardship of a vision of learning that is shared by the school community. I work with a team of staff members to develop a vision and promote this vision at regular staff meetings.

Culture – My role requires me to be sensitive to the school culture by advocating, nurturing, and sustaining a school philosophy and instructional program conducive to pupil learning and staff professional growth.

Safety – The ensure the safety of all parties who enter Erin School requires me to management of the organization and operations of the building for a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment.

Collaboration – Collaborating with families and community members, responding to diverse community interests and needs, and mobilizing community resources is another important part of my role.

Mrs. Cyndi Tomich

Director of Special Education & Pupil Services

The role of Special Education/Pupil Services Director is to address a wide range of social, emotional, behavioral, and physical issues which may limit students’ abilities to achieve learning outcomes.   Responsibilities include the following areas.

Accountability – The Director insures that special education services are provided for eligible students in the least restrictive environment following state and federal regulations. Cooperative teams of special education and regular education teachers work closely with Special Education Director to document that student’s Individual Educational Plans are implemented and goals and objectives are met.

Procedural Safeguards – The Director monitors the referral and evaluation process that is implemented to identify students in need of special education and related services. The Director works closely with staff and parents to develop a partnership between home and school to promote improvement in core subject areas.

Collaboration – The Director provides leadership and support to regular and special education staff to assist their development of current best practice in standards based instruction to ensure learning for all. The Director consults and meets with DPI support staff and attends state level conferences to keep current on interventions and supports for the Erin school community.

Mrs. Donna Runte

Administrative Assistant/Office Supervisor

As the Administrative Assistant to the District Administrator and Office Supervisor, my job requires much diversity. First is to promote the school and educational philosophy of the Erin School District. I work closely with the District Administrator to prepare information for the School Board and in preparing required Department of Public Instruction reports. Second is to tend to daily tasks such as preparing correspondence, scheduling meetings and taking phone calls. Finally, I maintain our student software system, updating the District Webpage, placing purchase orders, arranging bus transportation, maintaining student files and assisting staff as much as possible.

As the Office Supervisor, my duties are to oversee office staff and tend the front office by greeting students, parents and visitors. Answering the phone, attending to sick children and general office duties are also part of my day.

Cheryl Johrendt

District Bookkeeper

In my position as District Bookkeeper, I am committed to promoting the school and educational philosophy along with maintaining a fiscally fit budget. In doing so, I am responsible for a wide range of duties such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, account reconciliation, budget preparation and monitoring, cash flow and investment options along with various reporting requirements and audits.

Also at Erin School District, this position handles all Human Resources responsibilities.   These range anywhere from payroll, administering insurance and other employee benefits, new employee paperwork, various reporting requirements.

Being in a small district allows me to wear many hats.   As Finance and Human Resources are my main job functions, I also help out when and where needed. As my office is located near the front office, I often help with greeting visitors, answering phones, helping sick or injured students.

Deb Fenney

Director of Buildings & Grounds

As Director, I have three main areas of responsibility and they are: Planning, Supervision & Evaluation, and Budgeting & Financial Planning.

Planning – It falls under my responsibility to effectively coordinate the scheduling of the maintenance, grounds, and cleaning staff. I must oversee all outside contracting and written preventative maintenance schedules for the building and grounds. I manage and maintain a special project priority list.

Supervision and Evaluation – My responsibilities include AHERA Designated Person, Hazardous Communication Coordinator, Underground Storage Tank Contact Person, Building Accessibility Contact Person and Recycling Coordinator. I further assist the District Administrator to evaluate performance and recommend continued employment, suspension, or discharge of personnel reporting directly to me. I certify all time cards and reports regularly. I inspect school facility for safety, cleanliness and maintenance concerns on a routine and regular basis.

Budgeting and Financial Planning – I assist in the preparing of the annual preliminary maintenance budget. I administer and maintain current inventories of equipment and supplies used in the school district.