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4K and New 5K Kindergarten Registration  Enrollment


Time to register your 4-year-old (by 9/1/21) or new to the District 5-year-old (by 9/1/21) for the 2021-22 school year.  Please fill out and return the Kindergarten Registration Form.  Copies are also available at the front office.


Are you new to the Erin School District with children in grades 4K through 8th and need to enroll them? Please contact Donna Runte at 262-673-3720 ext. 4105 or email runte@erinschool.org


We offer a 4K extended day for those families that need child care outside of the 4K Classroom.

Open Enrollment


Click the button below to apply for Alternative Open Enrollment.


Click here for more information regarding Alternative Open Enrollment.


Wisconsin’s inter-district public school open enrollment program allows parents to apply for their children to attend public school in a school district other than the one in which they reside.

To apply for Alternative Open Enrollment (outside the Open Enrollment window) or for more information regarding Erin School or Open Enrollment, please contact Open Enrollment Coordinator, Donna Runte at 262-673-3720 ext. 4105.

While numbers and data are only part of the picture of school performance they do highlight Erin’s academic success.


This recognition validates the exceptional work of our highly qualified staff, dedicated students, and supportive families.    This continues to be the Erin way!


  • 97% of Erin teachers have a minimum of five years teaching experience
  • 55% of teachers at Erin School have a Master’s Degree or higher
  • 99% of Erin students felt that their teachers had high expectations of them to do their best all the time
  • 96% of Erin students feel they are connected with other students in the school
  • 87% of students at Erin School participated in cocurricular activities
  • 97% of students at Erin School attend school regularly

Small Class Sizes

The classrooms at Erin School have an average of 21 students, with a student/teacher ratio of 14 to 1. Small class sizes allow for students to receive more individual attention and appropriate staffing allows for more student assistance.

Family Atmosphere

Erin School provides a family-friendly environment by inviting parents to volunteer in school, hosting local clubs in school, and holding numerous after-school functions.

Focused on Individual Needs

Erin School serves the educational needs of students during the important phase of transition from childhood to adolescence. The school provides individual and small group interventions based on each child’s needs. Each child is assessed for strengths and areas of concern. Plans are put in place to help the child succeed in the next level of learning and support is given to obtain the desired results.

Support Services

Erin School offers a variety of support services such as: Resource Staff for each grade level, speech, occupational therapy, paraprofessional aides, after-school tutoring services, early math intervention program and summer school. The support enhances the ability of each child to succeed.

Dr. Kieth A. Kriewaldt

District Administrator & 4K-5 Principal
(262) 673-3720 x5000

Dr. Kriewaldt has been with Erin School District since 2007. Along with his district administration duties, he serves as the 4K-5th grade principal, business manager, human resource officer, and overseeing buildings and grounds. Previously, Dr. Kriewaldt was the Director of Elementary Education for eleven years in another district.

Mrs. Joannie Kalina,

Director of Curriculum & 6-8 Principal 
(262) 673-3720 x5500

Mrs. Kalina has been with the Erin School District since 2008. When hired, Mrs. Kalina’s duties were overseeing the implementation of curriculum and professional staff training. In 2012, she has taken on the duties of 6-8 principal. Previously, Mrs. Kalina was the Director of Curriculum for six years in another district.

  • The District has a School Psychologist and Director of Special Education to meet the needs of all students by helping them acquire and apply knowledge, develop life skills and achieve educational success.
  • Focused on creating a passion for life-long learning, Erin School is an exceptional educational institution engaging students in diverse, challenging and relevant learning experiences.
  • Together students, staff, families and the community collaborate and support each other to tailor an education that meets the multidimensional needs of each learner.
  • We have highly qualified and dedicated staff members who value professional development and are committed to continuous learning for themselves and their students.
  • We use standards-based grading, where children are assessed to established learning targets. Our staff offers a cohesive, balanced curriculum based on core standards and research-based best practices.


  • Erin School is currently a 57,165 square-foot facility with twenty-one classrooms, four resource rooms, an art room, library, two computer labs, a gym, a band room and a cafeteria.
  • Currently all the classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors and most have SMART Board technology.
  • Each classroom is equipped with computers available for the students to use.
  • In the last several years the district has spent over $100,000 replacing and purchasing new equipment in the classrooms such as tables, desks, cabinets chairs, and counter tops.
  • Erin School continues to keep its building in top shape over the years by completing the following renovations:
    • Installed sound-proofing in gym
    • Replaced roof
    • Added additional parking
    • Built student track
    • Upgraded chalkboards to whiteboards
    • Added landscaping
    • Updated to energy efficient lighting
    • Installed air-conditioning in computer lab
    • Upgraded soccer fields
    • Remodeled bathrooms
    • Replace windows
    • Rotate our technology
    • Wireless building
    • Fiber Optic to internet backbone

Erin School’s instructional programs create a balance between academic, social, physical and personal growth. Opportunities exist for the development of both basic skills and a positive self-image. We strive to promote academic excellence, as well as encourage the development of each student’s individual talents, intellect and curiosity.

4K/5K Opportunities

Erin School has many opportunities for families with young children. A 4-year-old Kindergarten program is available, and an extended-day option is also offered for a nominal fee. Erin School has two 5K classrooms, but will also provide a half-day 5-year-old Kindergarten if desired.

Before and After School Care

Our school offers the option for students to arrive as early as 6:30 AM and also to stay after school as late as 6 PM each day in a supervised environment for a small fee. This program remains popular with many working parents.

Enrichment Classes

Music & Band

Extra-Curricular Activities

Erin School offers a wide variety of extra-curricular activities that include: Basketball, Volleyball, Forensics, Student Council, and Lego League.

  • We know children do better in school when parents are active in their children’s learning, and we do everything we can to make that happen through our Volunteer Program.
  • Erin School offers a Volunteer Program that allows parents to help in the classrooms or to help with various projects throughout the year.
  • Parents are also encouraged to become involved in the school’s Parent Teacher Club and to volunteer their time during field trips, the Fun Fair, the Book Fair, and many other school activities.
  • Education is a team effort that requires the close cooperation of the school, the home and the community.
  • We encourage parents to become involved in our school by meeting with their child’s teachers and discussing the education program.
  • We welcome the active involvement and support of all members of the community, whether or not they have children enrolled at our school.
  • Community members and parents are invited to serve as a volunteer or attend our academic, athletic and cultural activities.
  • Erin School is committed to nurturing partnerships with families and community members.
  • The most effective forms of parent involvement are those, which engage parents in working directly with their children on learning activities at home.
  • The most consistent predictors of children’s academic achievement and social adjustment are parent expectations of the child’s academic attainment and satisfaction with their child’s education at school.
  • The earlier in a child’s educational process parent involvement begins, the more powerful the effects.